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An interactive visit

of the largest museums of Art in the world

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Virtual Museums

No need for a plane ticket, neither a passport nor a bag to visit the most beautiful museums of the world. You'll find here a compilation of the best museums sites. We wish you a nice journey! No need to fasten your seat belt.


France :

Louvre in Paris

The Louvre Museum: the largest museum in the world deserves 2 sites:
The official site: a high tech 3D visit with videos on Antiquities, paintings and sculptures without Japanese tourists.

Another page, encyclopedia or catalog like, allows you to get accurate information on most of the masterworks.

Orsay in Paris

The museum of Orsay proposes its very beautiful collection of impressionist painters.

Beaubourg in Paris

The Centre George Pompidou: a very interesting visit of European modern painting (Picasso, Braque, Kandinsky...). The site covers more or less the CD-ROM content.


United Kingdom:

National Gallery London

Famous country for art and archaeology, the United Kingdom has put on the Web its most important collections. In the National Gallery, you will have access to a very broad presentation of the most popular paintings of the museum (from Rubens to Turner)

New Tate Gallery London

The Tate Gallery layout is less attractive with its alphabetical index but you'll get a very broad list of modern artists.

British Museum London

For archaeology lovers, the reference remains the British Museum: documentation and texts are really abundant and impressive.


The Netherlands:

Piet Mondrian, Dutch painter

A generic site on the Netherlands initiates you to interesting aspects of the country i.e. arts and exhibition. Te page is build according to your own country and proposes exhibition before travelling. "

Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has built a new site with a virtual visit in QuickTime: a must for Dutch painting (Rembrandt, Vermeer etc.)

Van Gogh museum, a must in Amsterdam. A very detailed collection on the net with a high tech virtual tour.



Grand Place, brussels

2 generic sites on Brussels : first one multilingual containing all kind of interesting information for tourists and indigenous, discover the living Brussels!

Second one: a very exhaustive list of museums in Brussels and area

 Royal Museums of Fine Arts in Brussels

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, including the Ancient Art Museum (XV - XVII century) and the Modern Art Museum (XIX XX century): Bosch, Bruegel, Rubens, Rembrandt, David, Gauguin, Ensor, Permeke, Chirico, Magritte, Delvaux, Jorn...

 Royal Museums of Arts and History in Brussels have the same function as the British Museum: archaeology and history as guest stars. Unfortunately, only the Egyptian collection is available on the net.



To start the journey, a list of Russian museums, in Russian; English version to come especially if you participate to the donation ;-(

Hermitage in Sankt-Petersburg

For the most exhaustive virtual exhibition of Western painting, it is necessary to move to St Petersburg, in the State Hermitage Museum. From Michelangelo sculptures to French impressionists... Even more fun visiting it in Russian.

Pushkin in Moscow

With the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, you will discover a less known collection including Egyptian antiquities as well as Picasso's paintings. Alas, in Russia, the access time is particularly slow!




.Rome, the Eternal City. First things first: you have to pay a visit to the Vatican Museums. Even if the quality of the images is far from being perfect, you can admire most of the Pope's collection masterpieces: frescos in the Raphael Stanze & Loggia, Sistine Chapel, St Peter Basilica.

Capitole in Rome

A short overview of the Eternal City with, i.e. a very few pieces of the Capitoline Museums.:

 Palazzo Ducale in Venice

.Venice, the romantic city, awaits you with the official site of the city. Virtual visits as the Palazzo Ducale one are cheap in pictures:

The official the site of Gallerie dell'Accademia doesn’t offer any visit.

But, this page allows you to visit in English or in Italian the most important paintings through artists’ or rooms’ lists.

Reopening of the Palazzo Grassi gives us the opportunity to go through excellent exhibitions like the Francois Pinault collection with a special mention of the very interesting technology "webcam like"

Les Offices à Florence

In Florence, you get in the richest collection of Renaissance art: the Uffizi. . 2 sites are available: the official one rather exhaustive with alphabetical list of painters and rooms in English and Italian.

The most exhaustive especially for the proposed images is also the most interesting for art specialists ! Concept of this page is more catalog like. !

Visit ot the Accademia Museum of Florence:

Visit of the Florence Dome (English and Italian):

A rather exhaustive list of Italian Museums is available at :



Two useful guides to visit Spain and especially Madrid:

Prado in Madrid

Don't miss the Prado. A long journey through Spanish or Italians paintings awaits you: El Greco, Tiziano, Velazquez (its famous Meninas), and Francisco Goya...




Acropolis in Athens

Greece is certainly one of the favourite destinations for archaeologists.
You can visit here the museum of the Acropolis:

National Museum of Archaeology in Athens

The National Museum of Archaeology of Athens exhibits classical masterpiece's of Greek ancient art such as the Treasury of Mycenae.



Museum of Cairo

Other country for archaeology specialists, Egypt will soon invite you to its very ambitious project : The Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo where you will admire i.e. the famous pieces of the tomb of Tutankhamun. But the GEM as its web site is still under Construction



Metropolitan Museum New York

In New York, the Metropolitan Museum offers you, beside famous European artists masterpiece's - such as Vermeer, Veslasquez, Bernini - a section of American art.

Guggenheim Museum in New York

Pollock, De Konninck, Warhol, you will find them beside many other contemporary artists in the Guggenheim Museum about which you will also admire the superb architecture in spiral!

MOMA New York

The Museum of Modern art (MOMA) proposes to you masterpiece's of Van Gogh, Picasso (famous "Demoiselles d'Avignon"), Klimt and Mondrian.

National Gallery Washington

Among other North-American museums, let me recommend to you the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. This is a very well documented museum listing the American artists and the most popular European ones. You can also get there a guide in PDF format (easy to download) by periods, painters or styles in several languages.

Legion of Honor Museum San Francisco

Let us complete this journey around the USA, by the " far west ": Two Museums: Legion of Honor and deYoung, gathered under the site Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (FAMS): from El Greco to Picasso through African Art.



National Museum for Modern Arts in Tokyo

For a more exotic visit: join Tokyo and its National Museum of Modern Art (English version recommended).



Virtual Museums:

Before ending this chapter, let us mention that there are many virtual museums.


By virtual museum, we refer to collections compiled by specialists, amateurs or organisations which want to expose masterpieces without being attached to a real museum. There are plenty of them, to many to be able to quote them here.


I would like to pay tribute to one of the precursors and most known in the French field: Nicolas Pioch and his Virtual Museum:: which had to cease its activities because of royalties problems i.e. with the Picasso family.


To have an idea of what can be a amateurish virtual museum, pay a visit to where you can get interesting links too.


Search engines:

Through this direct access to the university of Verne, you'll get a major list of museums but not always up to date!


This gallery lists many artists and links of various museums in the world.


This site dedicated to Art includes a long list of museums, artists by country or subjects and plenty of other information.

Do not hesitate to contact me to forward me some other Online Museums addresses: